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Self-Portrait of a Circle, MMCA Changdong Residency Oct-Dec 2016

Writing on this body of work by Soo-Min Shim, 2022, “Beyond Borders and Biology: Lisa Myeong-Joo’s Self-Portrait of a Circle (2016)” 

Part of a series of works entitled 'Self-portrait of a Circle', which observed the flow in and around the space between the body, arms and hands as a parallel between more abstract notions of the self. The film explores the paradoxical relationship between the inside and the outside of the circle.

Self-Portrait of a Circle, 2016, single channel video, duration 3'48

Performance with hemp mobius, 2016, ‘No Man’s Land’ MMCA Changdong Residency Seoul. 
Video credit: Pablo Lobato


Being a mobius around the residency.

Walking around Changdong, 2016, performance stills.
Photo Credit: Yeeun Nam