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100 Bodies of Water, 2023, 3x5 inkjet print tattoos, metal bucket, sponge, water, participatory performance.

Cool Change (In the middle of a heat wave) 

COLLECTIVE RIVER (images of the bodies of water post activation)

100 Bodies of Water is a series of 3x5 photographs; functioning as both collectable objects and temporary tattoos ready to be activated on the body. The photographs document a sunset on the Ganges River in Varanasi, 2017, a site considered sacred to many. Sharing in this collective body of water, object and subject blur, beginning a process of change – shaped entirely by the participant’s own body of water and its habits. By doing so, they choose to honour this life-giving element and may be reminded of the fluidity and impermanence of all things, all beings.

Photo Credit: Floorplan Studio