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Third Time, 2 Rooms 1 Door, 2020, Performance, Real Time Art, Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul. 
Roomsheet (Korean)

In essence, this work is a human hourglass. The sand in constant movement only by the hands of the artists, pushed back and forth. Instead of one singular flow of sand, there are two. Each travel across the room to one another, like time in space. This time is not measured by the clock, but by their own inner clock, which may choose to sync with the others and become shared time. There may be a lag in communication, but if the lag is mutual then they are undeterred. A conversation ensues, the sands begin to mix, and the passage of time is now in flux.

써드타임은 디아스포라의 정체성과 삶의 양식을 반영한 퍼포먼스 작업을 이어오고 있는 프로젝트 그룹이다. 2015년부터 태평양을 사이에 두고 소통하며 물리적 거리에 따른 시차, 주관적 시간 개념을 탐구하는 퍼포먼스를 발표해 왔다. RTA에서는 ‘표준 시간대’에 의해 일률적으로 규정되는 시간 속에서 발생하는 시간의 “지연”을 시각화시키는 작업 <두 개의 방, 하나의 문>을 선보인다. 서로 다른 속도로 감각하는 시간과 기다림의시간은 상호적이고 동시적인 행위를 통해 관객 앞에 펼쳐지며, “예측할 수 없는” 흔적을 남기게 된다.

Third Time is a collaboration between artists Dahn Gim (S.Korea/US) and Lisa Myeong-Joo (Australia) who are motivated by the spatial and temporal differences experienced in their online friendship. Using time as medium, their long-distance projects explore the process of adaptation, communication and co-existence in the expanded field of performance on and offline. They often share feelings of dislocation and ambivalence from the Korean diaspora in the displacement of self.