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Between Mother and Moving is a Mountain Range, 2020-ongoing, flowering weeds, installation, variable.
HATCHED, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA)

Between Mother and Moving is a Mountain Range explores the inconclusive process of grief through the experience of being both an artist and a daughter. The site-specific installation, a large-scale living commemoration made of flower chains, was gathered and assembled daily. The work presents a response to an all-encompassing loss and the necessity of mourning together. Sparked by the artist’s incidental noticing of the translation of ‘mountain range’ found between ‘mother’ and ‘moving’ within an English-Korean dictionary, she was led to consider the metaphor of moving and wandering as a way to consider her grief. The use of flowers to create the work is a reflexive critique of impermanence, of surrendering to change not only within the seasons but through the continuing lifespan of the artwork itself. This slow process of looking, finding and making is an alternative way to speak about death by bringing awareness to the fact that mourning demands time, labour and creative tools that can and should be shared.

Photo credit from PICA: Bo Wong

This project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW