lisa myeong-joo
meaning is later
Lisa Myeong-Joo is an emerging artist, living and working on Gadigal country. She combines personal narrative, material and gesture into installation, performance, and text-based work. Her conceptual approach considers how meaning is made and transferred between the body, place and culture. Found objects and borrowed gestures are transformed into poetic mediums and held in performative processes whose meanings transcend singular bodies of work. These mediums remain in-orbit, reappearing across different contexts within Lisa’s practice. 

As a Korean adoptee raised in Australia, Lisa’s initial practice emerged in response to the complexities of identity, difference and belonging traversed whilst living in Seoul. She continues to situate her work within the Korean diaspora in Australia, cultivating an expanded performative practice to embody the intercultural tensions, interconnections and flow unique to the South.

photo credit: Jana Ortanez